Call us before you next holographic project. We will save you all the guess work. Thus saving time and money.

We've made store front advertising affordable!


 In the past these types of displays were very expensive


and could only be afforded by larger advertisers. Today


you can set up a store front screen for under a $1000.00, depending


on existing equipment. A 100" HD screen today cost over $40,000


and may only have a 3yr warranty. With our products you can create


a similar screen for nighttime advertising for under $4000.00 with a basic


HD projector. If you use non HD or 1024x768 you can create this


screen for under $2000.00. Just remember this is mostly for nighttime


advertising or screens sizes used with the correct projector brightness


for daytime advertising. Please contact us for any projection questions about


daytime advertising.



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