The questions below will determine the viability of your project.

Let us help you on your next project before you purchase projectors

and film. Talk to us first before you waste good money. Not all projects will work and we have seen companys sell film without asking these questions.

Call or email before you start your next project.

1.  How large of a screen are you trying to create.


2.  Daytime or night time projection or both.


3.  Do you want to use our clear film or one of our matte finish films.


4.  What model projector are you using or what is your projector budget.


5.  Are the windows inside windows or windows facing outside.


6.  Is there direct daylight on the glass your trying to project  the image.


7.  How much space do you have behind the screen to install the projector

      hardware. This is very important. Send up pictures if possible.


8.  Is the glass facing the sun Dual pane or signal pane glass. This is very

      important, if you use the wrong film you can damage the glass.


9.  Is the glass tempered or Non-Tempered. Look for white printing in the

       corner. This is important for our Dark gray film.


10.  Are the windows at street level or 2nd story installation.


11.  Always pretest film before installation, especially on larger projects.

        Use 24"x24" pieces for testing.  Try to simulate the lighting conditions,

        also projector angles. We have 5 Different films to test and determine

        which film will be the best.


12. We recommend between 350 -750 lumens per/sq ft depending on

         lighting conditions.



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