Holographic Setup Tips & Tricks



The angle of the projector is very important for a holographic clear setup. It is very important to keep the hot spot of the projector out of your clients eyes.

Q1- Can our film be used on any type of glass.

A1- Yes. Only our clear film is dual pane safe.


Q2- Is projector angle important.

A2- Yes, very important to reduce projector light from

       hitting clients eyes. Try to angle projector upward

       or install on upper windows of jobsite.


Q3- What type of projector can I use.

A2- It all depends on the amount of light on both sides.

      Generally we use 3000-4000 WXGA lumen projectors for

      most jobs. If your projecting a store front at night

      you can use a 300 lumen projector, if the light is just right


Q4- Can our film be used during daytime for a store front.

A4- NO. we do not recommend during daytime.


Q5- How large of screen can you create.

A5- Almost any size screen is possible our max width

      is 60" width.


Q6- Can I seam the film to make bigger screens.

A6- Yes, If done correctly and the viewer is of

       proper distance away from screen.


Q7- Does our clear film make a good video screen.

A7- We do not recommend for use with full video. This film

       is good for logos for smaller type of projections.

       our Dark Grey is for use with full video with max contrast.




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